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australian verandah

The Australian verandah.

The Australian verandah. Every home needs one.

We’d all agree there’s really nothing like relaxing on an Australian verandah after a hard day at work – or on a sunny weekend.

But have you ever really thought about why well-designed Australian country homes always feature verandahs?

The Australian verandah goes back a long way. Actually, back to the 1850’s according to Wikipedia.

A verandah provides protection for you and your home. Our Australian sun can be merciless and its rays can slowly damage the outside and inside of a building. While this is a normal process, a verandah shelters your home from the elements and slows down the ageing process. Of course you want sun in your house when the weather’s cold; there needs to be a balance between blocking summer sun and letting winter sun in. So it’s important to get the width, angle and height of the verandah right.

That’s a good practical reason, but there’s more to a verandah’s appeal. It’s central to our concept of a fair-dinkum Australian country home. A verandah expands the living areas and gives a home its welcoming character, style and charm. It links us to Australia’s heritage and allows us to enjoy our wide open spaces by giving us a place to relax and look out into the beautiful Australian bush. Could you imagine your ideal country home without a verandah? We couldn’t here at Hensley Park, and we don’t believe you can either.

So what sort of verandah is best? You have a few options. A timber deck adds extra style and is warm and inviting underfoot. Timber blends well with the country surroundings and it’s also great for raising the level around the home. Then there’s roof styles – you can choose from a bullnose or a flatter skillion. Either looks great, but there are some technical differences. A bullnose lowers the clearance/head-height and requires less framework in construction. A skillion will give you additional winter sun and if you want to line the underside of the verandah, then this is your best bet.

And what can you do under a verandah? We don’t have enough room here for the list but let’s just say it’s the best place to enjoy a country lifestyle – eat, drink and laugh, with your friends or alone, enjoying the view and the great outdoors.

The verandah is a great space for relaxing. It’s the place where the inside meets the outside. And it’s standard on every Hensley Park home.