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Solid timber flooring

Why we love Solid Timber Flooring.

Solid timber flooring is another beautiful option in our delightful, country homes.  It is a natural material which adds class, individuality and quality to any space where it’s used.

Solid timber flooring is available in several different types of timber, and therefore comes in a wide variety of colours.

Ranging from rich chocolate brown through to a light honey in colour, we offer several different options, with Spotted gum, Messmate, Ironbark and Blackbutt being perhaps the most popular among our customers.  Your choice will add your own individual touch because no two areas will ever be the same!

Why is solid timber so much better than ‘fake timber’ flooring?  At Hensley Park Homes we believe in the real thing!  The genuine product doesn’t echo or sound hollow when walked on.  It adds depth and character to your space by creating that nostalgic country air of a bygone era… because while the home is new, the timber itself certainly isn’t.

Timber flooring may be re-sanded and polished up again at any stage.  Because it is a natural product it is subject to a bit of general wear and tear from your busy lifestyle.  We think that the small marks etc that it may pick up simply add to the classic appearance and compliment ‘old fashioned comfort’ of country living.  However, it is no problem to re-sand and polish the flooring again if you so desire.

We love solid timber flooring and recommend it as the the perfect choice to complete the fine detail of your new home.  It’s timeless beauty and total individuality will never leave you disappointed!