Country Living Blog

Would you like to learn more about country living and Country homes ? … We would! That’s what this country living blog is all about and we’re always striving to use what we learn to enhance the homes in the range.

Read about the various features and the areas we work in as a builder of new traditional homes in contrast to the majority of new homes which are modern, box like and will be in fashion just for a time!

energy rating

What does ‘Energy Rating’ mean?

To many Australians, an energy rating is one of those grey areas that seems complicated and way over our heads …
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Worried About Overcapitalising?

Don’t let the thought of overcapitalising hold you back from building that home of your dreams. In the real-estate world, …
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buying land

6 Hidden Costs to be Aware of When Buying Land for Your New Home

So you’re buying land for a new home….but what will it really cost you? Buying land and building a home …
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Let’s talk about Home Insurance

Insurance is key for peace of mind. Congratulations!  Your dream home is finally coming true!  Before you lose yourself in …
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the science behind the design

The Science Behind the Designers Hand

The science behind the design of your home. Your home; your private sanctuary.  It’s the place where you can kick …
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Country Township - Trentham

Country Township – Trentham

Trentham, located in the Great Dividing Range, is one of those small towns that captures the perfect balance of old-fashioned …
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