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Flowers are blooming…

Spring is in full swing – buds are appearing everywhere and colour is peeping through the drabness of Winter days. Why not take a bit of that sunshine and bring it inside your home?


With the gardens and paddocks aglow with yellow Daffodils, yellow wattle, yellow canola and yellow daisies, we can see the sunshine everywhere – no wonder our national colours are green & gold! But it doesn’t have to stay in the garden. Yellow is such a cheery colour, go pop a bit of cheer on your kitchen counter.

Purple flowers

These dainty bluebells lend themselves well to a bit of ‘bend and bloom’ – the thin, supple leaves can be looped and tied to give the arrangement an added dimension.  They add colour to any arrangement, and work just as well on their own or as part of a larger bouquet.  They do need stem support when part of a larger arrangement.


Lilies’s are a classic staple for a striking front entry hall arrangement. Their graceful shape adds beauty to any space. Don’t be afraid to ‘go large’ with a lily arrangement – they can handle it, and be sure to give them lots of water. But if bold and beautiful is not your style, a single lily and leaf in a tall thin vase can look just as good in the right place.

White flowers

Don’t despise a flower because it is neither tall not stately. Arrangements in miniature can be just as appealing – these little onion flowers in a teacup can still bring that floral accent into a small corner.


Nothing says ‘country’ or ‘freshness’ like the smell of herbs on your windowsill. An indoor kitchen garden is a practical decoration – just at your fingertips when you need that little bit of garnish or flavour.

Pink flowers

Camellias come in many different shades of pink and white, and are in abundance while they bloom. But they can be hard to display due to their short stems, without taking half the tree too! This floating candle bowl makes a stunning table centre-piece when filled with camellias – use just enough water to float the candles, and ensure the short stems of the flowers are submerged.

Lilys & Purple flowers

Like to mix things up? Adding a brighter flower amongst these pale lilies gives quite a different effect to either flower on its own.  And there’s no right combination – just use your imagination, or what you have in your garden.  The sky’s the limit!

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