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Warm your feet by the fire!

Home is where the hearth is

A fireplace is the heart of a home

Every home needs a fireplace. Offering a place where people can gather in warmth and comfort, a hearth really turns a house into a home.

A lit fireplace gives you a cosy feeling that you can’t get from any other type of heating. There’s something very relaxing about sitting around and watching a crackling wood fire that everyone enjoys – your family as well as your guests.

Heating your home with a wood-burning fireplace is really fuel efficient too, providing you with plenty of heat to warm your house. Burning wood means you’ll save money on your utility bills and use up any branches and dead timber you might have around your property. Even if you need to buy wood, it will probably be cheaper than using other types of energy. And remember that wood is a sustainable energy source with no carbon footprint (unlike fossil fuels).

A stone chimney adds an extra touch of architectural flair to your home and is very much a part of the country living style. The rough texture of the stone and the weathered appearance looks as though it has already survived generations in the country. Stone chimneys only get better with age and are a timeless signal of comfort and warmth.

Country-style stone chimneys are a signature of Hensley Park Homes and set us apart from our competitors. In fact, they’re not even available from most new home builders.

We’ve made individual stone chimneys a standard in all our designs because we know just how important a welcoming fireplace is to a real country home.