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How to choose colours for your home.

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your home.

The perfect colour scheme will bring your home to life, reflect your unique personality and complement the way you live. So it’s important to get it right!

When you’re choosing colours for your new home there’s certainly a lot to think about. It’s not just selecting colours for your paint (internal and external), floors, trims, tiles and bench tops. You also need to look at depth of colour, textures, lighting, patterns, proportion, aspects and balance.

Talking everything through with a trained interior designer is a great option. They’ll be right up to date with today’s trends and materials, and will have a lot of experience in putting together a complete colour palette for inside and outside your new home. Best of all, they’ll take your personality and lifestyle into consideration before making a recommendation that will give you the best possible results.

While there are numerous colours and tones to choose from, there are a few general rules. Painting the walls of a small room a dark, warm shade will make the space feel smaller and cosier, while painting the same room white throughout will make it feel airy and light. Sometimes colours will be based on the style of your house and furnishings – traditional, classic or modern. And then there’s personal style, which can change as your life progresses.

Colour will help you create any atmosphere in your home, from calming and relaxing to lively and invigorating, so a successful palette will consider individual rooms and their uses. For example, bedrooms are for sleeping and winding down, so they will often have colours that are relaxing. Or a family room that’s a hub of activity may have a vibrant bright colour on a feature wall.

We know how important it is to get your colour scheme just right. Choosing the perfect scheme for your home is a way of expressing yourself and saying ‘This is my home and I like it this way’! And you have to live with colours for a long time, so you need to be confident that they fit well with your personality and lifestyle.

That’s why we employ a trained interior designer here at Hensley Park Homes. She is experienced and available to talk with you and help you choose a colour palette that’s completely right for you and for your new home.