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Make the most of your builder’s experience and knowledge!


It’s finally happening: Bob and Jane have decided that now’s the time to embark on the journey of building that home of their dreams!  So, meal finished, and dishes done, they sit down together at the kitchen table with their laptop, pencil and paper and begin their research.


The obvious search phrase to open with is ‘what should I know about building a new home’ or ‘how to go about building my new home’.  They look at various websites, learn about potential hidden costs, read testimonials, google products and product reviews and make plenty of notes. And after several weeks of exploring information online they make an appointment to have a face-to-face consultation with their builder.


A couple of hours spent discussing their dream home with their builder has left Bob and Jane slightly confused and unsure what to do next: while they found that Google had provided them with some excellent information and the builder confirmed several of the decisions they’d made based on online information, on some points the builder seemed to be providing so-called ‘conflicting advice’ with what they’d read online…


If you’ve had this experience or one similar, you’re not alone.  In fact, with the plethora of advice online about anything and everything, “let’s google it” has become a catch-cry of the 21st century (although we often have that gut feeling that not everything online is always 100% correct…)!


Let’s make another analogy:


Beth feels unwell.  She can identify several symptoms, so she jumps online and googles her condition.  After looking up this and that for a while she’s certain that she’s identified the cause of her ailment, and she decides to see her local GP and ask him for the medicine she’s decided she needs.


A trip to the doctor confirms that she is indeed unwell, but the condition isn’t what she had thought: what she thought was an infection is a viral sickness and the doctor has prescribed the appropriate treatment (which is very different to what she had thought).


What do we learn from these analogies?  We can see that there’s no substitute for training, knowledge and experience.  And it’s the same in every profession: the ability to asses a set of circumstances on its own merits, make decisions accordingly and co-ordinate the entire situation is very important.


Let’s put it out there: as builders, we love helping our customers create their new home, but sometimes we see customers struggle with so-called conflicting information from various sources. While it’s important for everyone to do their homework, it’s just as important to make sure you get your money’s worth from your builder by picking their brains as much as you can, because they’re industry professionals who’ve been there and done that and will be a great help in pulling it all together for you.


7 Steps on how to make the most of your builder’s experience and knowledge


  1. Look

The aesthetic appeal of your home is super important.  Choosing the ‘right’ elements to put together isn’t always easy and often, some of the ideas or products that have been found online or in magazines must ‘go by the way’ to achieve a home that’s both practical and beautiful.  And that’s where a professional builder can help: they can take your online research and apply it to your site, home and needs, and come up with a solution that ticks all the boxes.


  1. Code/Engineering

This is the structural side of the home.  A builder has the know-how to create a home that suits you down to the ground, without compromising the integrity of the structure.  Sometimes an idea that may look fantastic in a picture simply may not work structurally or may not pass Australian building regulations.


  1. Cost

Google is a great tool when it comes to finding new and different products for your home. However, generally speaking homes are built to some sort of a budget and it’s easy to collect up ideas without giving due consideration to the final dollar figure.  Your builder has gained a very good understanding over many years of what things really cost, and they’ll be able to assist when it comes to choosing products that will suit both your lifestyle and your budget.


  1. Timing/Duration

As the old saying goes, “time is money”.  Estimating realistic time-frames is super important when it comes to budgeting and costing.  Your builder has a wealth of practical experience and know-how as well as having a finger on the pulse in every area of the project, which will allow him/her to give you accurate costings for each phase of your home build.


  1. Method of Construction

A new home is exciting and for many people, it’s the fulfillment of a life-long dream.  However, it’s not always possible to include every idea that you have on your bucket list: a builder understands the method of construction and the regulations surrounding home building, and can help you create a home that’s practical, feasible and has your unique signature.  Those ideas you’ve sourced online are what will give your new home a personal touch!


  1. Energy Ratings

The position of a new home on the land is very important when it comes to meeting government regulations for energy ratings.  To ensure that your home is energy efficient, your builder can assist you in positioning your home to guarantee the maximum benefits of nature: energy from the sun.


  1. Product Availability

Not every product online is available in Australia.  And what’s more, some products, especially when it comes to things such as lights, are not suitable for use in Australia.  However, your builder is conversant with what’s out there, and if you have an idea of what you’re wanting, he/she may be able to offer something similar that’s readily available and suitable for use in your home.


As the old saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed”, so a basic understanding of costs and products before you consult with your builder is an excellent first step towards turning your dream home to reality.


So, go for it – do your homework to help you get a better understanding of the whole building concept, including researching products and the building principles. And as you go, create a list of things to ask your builder – they’re the ones that will ultimately be the greatest help to you to make sure you’re well informed and understand every aspect of your journey to a new and beautiful home.

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