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Invest in a Solar Hot Water Unit

Introducing a new complementary product…solar hot water.

We now recommend that you install a solar hot water service instead of an electric storage tank unit. Passive sun tracking means more of the sun’s rays are converted to usable hot water throughout the entire day.

Why do we recommend this? It’s an investment that will save you money. It will cost you more to initially install a solar system than an electric storage unit, but in the long run you will save many thousands of dollars. On average, a solar HWS is 80% cheaper to run than an electric storage unit. As an example, if you install a 30 tube unit with gas boost instead of an electric unit, you will invest about $3,000 more initially, but over 15 years, you could save $16,710 at current electricity rates.

Thermann Solar hot water unit

But …

  1. Will it be trouble free? Yes. Of course, cheap & nasty systems aren’t trouble free, but we only install a well-known brand called Thermann, which is made by Apricus, an Australian company. They provide a 15 year warranty, and have been manufacturing the units since 2003 and have a solid background and support system. They have been proven as having good quality parts and a system that functions successfully.
  2. Is there a warranty? Yes, the product including the collectors, stand, and the manifold all have a 15 year warranty, and the cylinder has a 10 year warranty. All for your peace of mind.
  3. Is there any compromise on the temperature of the water? No, the water is still heated to a set temperature using a thermostat like any hot water service. Also, during those few times when it may need a little help due to cloudy weather, the booster (gas or electric) provides the perfect back up, ensuring piece of mind while still keeping your running costs low.
  4. How does it work? For those that like to know the inside story, we’ve included some diagrams below.

Step 1. The sunlight strikes the dark absorber coating inside the evacuated tube.

Step 2. The heat pipe transfers the heat up to the copper header pipe location in the insulated manifold box.

Step 3. A circulator moves water from the storage tank to the copper pipe warming the water. Anti-frost is built in to the Thermann system to ensure solar hot water can be provided even in cold regions.

Solar hot water tube detail  Solar hot water passive tracking detail

A Thermann© 250 litre 22 tube kit – for 2 & 3 bedroom homes – is currently $3,350 inc GST in lieu of standard unit.  A Thermann© 315 litre 30 tube kit – for 4 & 5 bedroom homes – is currently $3,740 inc GST in lieu of standard unit.  For gas boosted units instead of electric storage units, add $440 inc GST to both of the above prices.

Go to the Thermann website for more information.

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