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Let your Letterbox impress!

The roadside mailbox – a classic symbol of country living.

Fewer items encompass a more varied array of styles than the humble letterbox!  A drive through the country quickly confirms that  mailboxes come in nearly every style, shape and size – from the simple up-cycled plastic containers to sturdy brick constructions, yet all have the same function.


Variety is undoubtedly the spice of life and we believe that the letterbox, which is more often than not a long way from the home itself, can provide the perfect opportunity to express your personality.  Whether you are a creative up-cycler or a conservative conformist, your letterbox is often the first impression of your home.  So why not let it make a statement?


Timeless beauty… the classic tin farm shed complete with a miniature water tank!


Take a look at this artistic masterpiece – practical, creative and ‘green’ too!


No amount of weather or wolves will blow this one down…it is well built, clearly marked and large enough for parcels.


Express yourself with colour – nobody can mistake the red microwave, the blue barn


…or the up-cycled green plastic drum!


Maybe you are part of a community letterbox group – make sure yours is clearly marked and in good repair.


We love this one!  This mailbox belongs to one of our very happy customers and is a  miniature of their Hensley Park Home!!

So, let your personality shine!  Take the chance, dare to be different and impress your guests as they approach your home!



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