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Home Insurance



Home insurance is key for peace of mind.


Congratulations!  Your dream home is finally coming true!  Before you lose yourself in the excitement of choosing paint colors, cabinetry, and lighting, take a moment to read and re-assure yourself about the different home insurance policies that Hensley Park Homes has in place.


We get it: home insurance is one of those terms that we hear a lot, but don’t always understand.  And that legal jargon can be quite daunting and hard to get your head around!  That’s why we’ve written this blog: to help you get an understanding of the various insurances that cover your new home.  A good understanding = peace of mind!  And building with Hensley Park Homes, that’s what you can have because from start to finish, we’ve got your project covered.


As a fully qualified, registered building company, we take out 3 types of insurance to cover both you and ourselves and to fulfill our legal and our moral obligations.  Put simply, we understand our stuff. With years of experience in the building game, we’ve got the legal requirements sorted, and can re-assure you that all legal obligations are fully met.  We’ve got nothing to hide: our company policy is one of honesty and we take pride in our work.


A few minutes spent googling on the internet will reveal a plethora of information about the various types of business and building insurance (check for more detailed information).  However, to make it easy for you, we’ve listed the three types of insurance which we take out to cover the building of your home:


  1. Business Policy Insurance


This is an insurance that every business is obliged to have, regardless of the type of business. So in layman’s terms, whether your business sells rubber bands, does garden maintenance or builds homes, it must be in place.  Although it doesn’t affect you as the customer, you can rest easy, knowing that Hensley Park Homes is covered by Business Policy Insurance.


  1. Construction Insurance


There’s no denying it: there are risks involved in the building of a home.  Construction insurance protects against things such as public liability, product liability and individual homes being built at any time.  At Hensley Park Homes we take out an annual insurance cover of:

  • Up to $20 million dollars public liability
  • Up to $20 million dollars product liability
  • Individual homes being built of up to $1 million dollars in value, anywhere in Australia below the 25th parallel


By law, we are required to have this insurance.  It covers circumstances such as theft, vandalism, damage from natural disaster (storm, fire, flood etc.), personal injury (e.g. somebody trips over and hurts or even kills themselves), poor product design – essentially anything that could go wrong during the building or construction of the home.


Our Construction Insurance actually forms part of our contract of sale.  Included in your construction contract is a Certificate of Currency, which is your copy of this insurance policy.


  1. Homeowner’s Warranty Insurance (Domestic Building Insurance)


Every builder is required to take out Homeowner’s Warranty Insurance for anything above $16,000 value in work.  This one is purely for the customer’s benefit. The government requires building companies to take out this insurance as a fallback position for the customer in the event of the builder passing away, disappearing or going bankrupt.  In the unlikely event of such circumstances, the homeowner can activate this insurance at no cost to themselves and use the funds to complete the building project.  Although this insurance is rarely used, it gives the customer peace of mind, knowing that they won’t be left with a half-finished project on their hands.



Before commencing your building project, you must speak to your personal insurance broker to get specific advice related to your site.

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