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Move to the country

Endless reasons to make a move to the country

Move to the country. Change your life forever…for the better and enjoy country living.

If you think there must be something more than huge mortgage repayments, working 12 hours a day and an endless rush-hour commute, you’re right. It’s called country living, and for us there’s no better way.

City living has it’s good points, but it also has a real downside – soaring real estate prices, traffic congestion, a spiralling crime rate, massive fuel bills and overcrowding. Imagine what it would be like to make the move to the country…that sea-change or tree-change you’ve probably dreamed of.

Life slows down in the country, giving you time to think about and enjoy what really matters. Fresh air, a slower pace and beautiful scenery. Living is more affordable, there’s a real sense of caring and community and the quietness leads to less stress and a very real connection with nature.

Country people are welcoming and friendly. They’re more likely to be around in an emergency and always have time for a chat (check out the main street on any Saturday morning). It’s won’t be hard to meet people and make new friends, as long as you put in the effort.

When you’re in the country, you’ll find there’s a lot happening. There are vibrant arts and culture venues, sporting clubs, community organisations and activities like rural shows, festivals or race days. Food and wine trails are becoming increasingly popular. But if you want to just sit back and enjoy the great outdoors, open spaces and wildlife, you can do that too.

A new home in the country can be really affordable. And because you’ll be paying a lot less for your land (unless you decide on a large property), you’ll probably have enough to get all the extras you want – verandahs, garages and more. Plus if you’re selling a city property to make the move, there will probably be a bit left over to beef up your savings or superannuation.

If you think you couldn’t handle the relative isolation, think again. Rural areas are now much closer to the rest of the world thanks to digital technology. You can shop anywhere in the world online or join an online community in your area of interest. Knowledge workers can use digital technology to work from home and there’s a whole range of employment and small business opportunities.

If you’ve decided to make the move to the country, we think there are a few things you should do beforehand:

  • make a list of what’s important for you in choosing a new place to live – proximity to the sea, ski fields, schools, health precincts or employment options – and narrow down the choices; it’s important to take your time and get this right
  • spend some time in the areas, talk to locals and get to know the places before you make a final decision
  • rent for a while before you buy if you’re not 100% sure.

So if you’re not living in the country already, why not think about making the move?