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Prepare your Home for Winter

Winter is approaching fast!

With temperatures dropping, morning frost and rainy days just around the corner, we really need to get our running shoes on to prepare our homes for winter weather. To help you out with this we have put together a list of items that should be done before the cold really sets in.


1Warm air escapes very easily so you need to check around all the doors and windows to make sure they are airtight and secure from the outdoors. Check for cracks in the caulking around windows and look out for gaps around doors. Fill these unwanted air holes with adhesive weather strips to get your home completely airtight.

2Crank up the fireplace and any other heaters you may have. These need testing before they are really needed…you don’t want to be stuck on a freezing day with a heater that doesn’t work! Check the filters and replace them if needed. Another small tip; if you have ceiling fans, switch them into reverse. The clockwise blade rotation will push the rising warm air from the heaters back down where it’s wanted.

3Check the roof  for water leakages and holes. Make sure you check for large air hole leaks too. Attend to these yourself or call a tradesperson. While you are in the roof, check the level of insulation. It is recommended to be about 12 inches thick – insert more if needed. Oh – clean the gutters out too…this is important, you don’t want blockages causing floods around your home.

4Set up an emergency storm kit that is easily accessible. This should contain a bottle of fresh water, matches, a candle and a battery torch. This is just so you’re prepared in case of a power outage during a storm.

5Finally…settle in and make your home as cosy as possible for winter! Rearrange the furniture around the fireplace, bring out all your warm throws, put rugs on the timber floors and place table lamps next to the armchairs. Imagine your family all cosy and warm while the wind and rain howls outside! The last thing you need is a large hot drink in a mug and a good book to pass the winter away.


A long winter can be a drag…but if you have your home all ready for it, you can make the most of having to stay inside and do some of the items on that list that you never get around to doing…So cosy up and enjoy this winter like you never have before!