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Apple kuchen

Grandma’s Recipe – delicious apple kuchen!

Apple Kuchen dessert slice.

Perfect for a sweet dessert, apple kuchen can be served warm or cool depending on the weather. Serve with ice-cream, cream or just by itself. It will never fail to delight…

Freeze a batch for those times when family or friends drop in so you will never be caught out. Apple kuchen doesn’t just have to be for dessert – it tastes great at any time of the day! It’s fast and easy to put together, plus it tastes delicious as well. The apple can also be substituted for another fruit, peach is a well-know version (though not everybody’s favorite). However don’t be afraid to try a different version – any tinned fruit will work. Peach, pear, blueberry and apricot just to name a few!

The Recipe


1 pkt Vanilla Cake Mix

120g Butter

40g Coconut

800g tin Pie Apple

300ml Sour Cream

1 egg

3 T sugar

Cinnamon for dusting



Place cake mix and coconut in bowl and rub in butter (can use a food processor). Press mix firmly over base of 30 x 20 cm greased pan.

Bake 10-15 minutes at 180.

Arrange apple over cooked base.  Mix the sour cream with the egg & sugar, then spoon over apples.  Dust with cinnamon.  Bake further 10-15 minutes until firm to touch.

This recipe makes approx 15 large sized serves.