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Save time & money with uPVC windows

Why do we now have so many clients preferring to install uPVC windows in their new home?

Windows have traditionally been a source of heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer, pushing up power bills and creating discomfort inside the home. This is accentuated in colder climates such as northern Europe and the UK, which led to the birth of the uPVC window.

uPVC is an abbreviation for ‘Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’. It’s solid, chunky, and makes for a very sturdy window or door. But its true value lies in the ‘thermally broken’ construction. This means that heat and cold loss/gain is minimised at every season of the year. And of course, optional double glazing adds to the benefits. A variety of sizes, styles and colours are available, allowing you to get the look you want in your new home. All they’ll need is a wash and clean every now and then to keep them looking as good as new – they’re exceptionally low maintenance and trouble free.

There are a few different manufacturers, but the brand that comes with our recommendation is Aluplast, made in Europe. Do yourself a favour and research the possibility of including uPVC windows when you build your Hensley Park home.

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