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Share your dream…Live the Country Life-style

Our mission here at Hensley Park Homes is to help you get the very best from country life.

Simple, clear and compelling.

Easy, right?

But, as we went about our work of designing and building our homes, we realised that we needed a very clear definition of what a country home is, and to do that, we had to get a succinct definition of what country life is. 

Mmm, suddenly it’s not so easy.

We wanted to know the answer to what the definition meant to those that live away from the bustling hubs of society. Living in the country is clearly a way of life for many generations of families, tough and rugged Aussies who’ve made their living off the land, but we started to realise that times change and country life has started to mean much more than that – it’s digging deeper and getting back to basics and connecting with nature in a special way that can’t be found anywhere else.

We then realised we had to ask for help, and what better place to get the help than from you, our customers – the people that actually enjoy the country life year in, year out – so we starting inviting people to respond to a simple survey, and over the last 4 years we’ve been gathering responses from these 3 questions we asked in the survey …

  1. What does country living mean to you?
  2. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘country living’?
  3. What features or items would you like to see in a country home?

We loved some of the contributions we received – it gave us a deeper understanding of what it means to our customers. But of course they varied widely, just as much as people vary widely in their character and personalities.

So, where to from here? How did we try and extract a definition out of the pile of responses we received?

Well, we ended up bringing lots of the words together in sentences that describe the country. Concise accounts that tell a story. Crisp explanations of the meaning of country life. And here’s the final results. (Although the definition’s never final, it will go on refining and reforming itself ad infinitum.)

Question 1. What does country living mean to you?

This question drilled into whether country life is based around community? Or more of a getaway for peace and quiet? Maybe it’s the secure knowledge of freedom, or fresh air and open spaces? Or just simply spending quality time with family and friends?

The HP Definition.  Country life is the freedom of space; the stillness of nature; the brilliance of the stars at midnight; the love of small communities; the rewards of caring for flora & fauna; and the simple enjoyment of really being alive.

Sounds pretty good, hey? Makes you want to be there, right in the pulse of country life, reaping the rewards.

Question 2. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘country living’?

Similar question to the first one, but a subtle (and important) difference. We wanted to find out the sort of words and phrases that were running through people’s minds when they heard that expression. See, a lot of people we’ve had the opportunity to work with have spent most – or even all – of their lives in the city, so they were going by hearsay about what country living was. We wanted that hearsay in words.

The result was a heap of different words and phrases …Wood smoke. Crisp, clean air. See for miles. A billion stars close enough to reach up and touch. The wind in my hair. The stillness at night. Solitude, but feeling part of the community. Warm, open-hearted neighbours. Brisk cool mornings. Brilliant skies. Feeding stock. Combustion fire. Nature. Trees. Fresh air. Energy saving. Land with some chooks. A house that feels warm. Being part of a community. Peace. Gardens. Large beautiful homes. Open spaces. Animals. Friendly kind people. Relaxation. Rolling green hills. Clean air. Natural light. Wood heaters and Verandahs. Community. Family spending quality time, work hard, rest well. Healthy open air. Less stress. Space, peace and tranquillity.

What an amazing collection of words and phrases. Once you’ve read them, you’d be thinking of some kind of paradise!

One thing that strikes the mind when reading them is the seeming contradiction … stillness, but then the wind. Wood smoke, but then the clean air. Relaxation, but then hard work. But it all makes sense when the overall picture is viewed.

Question 3. What features or items would you like to see in a country home?

The focus was now on the home itself – what things did people think that would fit in with this definition of country life? Was it warm and cosy? Or cool and refreshing? Lots of storage? Large complex homes? Or simple uncluttered dwelling places that blend in with nature?

This bit was difficult – trying to distil something as broad and deep as country life down into something tangible. In fact, it dawned on us that whatever definition we came up with of what’s needed in a country home would be imperfect at best … but we had a go –

The definition of a true country home. A pre-built home that embodies elements of nature, that helps you get the very best in comfort and country life.

Unpretentious? Maybe, but certainly meaningful.

A home that’s pre-built minimises the impact on the environment. And one that embodies elements of nature looks great and assists with making it a greener, more comfortable home – things like timber verandahs and stone chimneys. What a home!

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Go on. Make the move to the country and enjoy life.

All the best.



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