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Tea for two

Tea for Two

There’s something about having a cup of tea with a friend that’s more than just drinking a beverage.

It warms the heart as well as the stomach; refreshes the mind as well as the body and creates friendships finer than the china it is served in.

Come to think of it, our lives are like a pot of tea.  It’s all about how we make it.  And about sharing it with friends.

Some say tea is like liquid wisdom – there’s not too many problems that can’t be solved over a cuppa.  In fact, its been the beginning of many great ideas, great friendships and one of the foundation stones for great country living. And why not add in the scones, macaroons or hot buttered bread rolls for good measure?  Best of all, teatime doesn’t finish when the pot is empty……you’ll have many a fond memory to treasure forever.

It’s all about making time for the small joys of life; the things that really matter; the genuine pleasures that truly last.  And believe me, there’s always time for another cup!

Tea for twoI firmly believe that there’s something about tea made in a pot that you simply can’t beat.  The flavour is great and it creates a really cosy atmosphere.  Taking the time and effort to get out the pot, put in the tealeaves, and serve it in your best china shows your friends that you really care  – they are worth going the extra mile for and their company is worthy of a really nice brew.  In fact, it’s really like taking them on an indoor picnic, a journey that revolves around a teacup.

So, never miss an opportunity.  Inviting friends into your home should be a pleasure that is enjoyed often.  Connect your doorbell to your kettle and teatime is always only ever a moment away!

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