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Terms and Conditions – Part Payment

Payment of the $2,700 is for Hensley Park to provide a Blueprint Presentation to the Payer.

The Blueprint Presentation includes (but is not limited to or always includes) the following –

  • Design Matrix session to discuss plans, specifications and pricing estimates in detail
  • Site visit to determine site details to assist with accurate pricing
  • Index Plan, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, and Kitchen Plan
  • Geotechnical soil test
  • Property Information Request from relevant council authority
  • Planning Controls Request from relevant council authority
  • Legal Point of Discharge for stormwater from relevant council authority
  • Draft energy rating
  • Full list of specifications
  • Accurate pricing of the home based on known specifications and variables
  • Pricing estimates for site costs and other services not yet clearly known
  • Regular communication throughout the process of progress
  • Bound in a presentation format for easy reference
  • Presented in a face to face meeting
  • Electronic copes of the key documents emailed to the Payer after the face to face meeting

The $2,700 includes GST, and a receipt will be provided to the Payer.

The $2,700 is non-refundable after the design matrix session has been completed.

The $2,700 becomes a part-payment towards the overall cost of the home should the Payer continue the process of building a new home.

Payment for the Blueprint Presentation provides the Payer ownership of the following –

  • The bound presentation provided in the face to face meeting
  • The Geotechnical Soil Test
  • The information provided by the council authority
  • The draft energy rating
  • The list of specifications

Payment for the Blueprint Presentation does not provide the Payer ownership of the following

  • Intellectual property of the plans, including the design, style and layout of the home
  • Any of the above-mentioned intellectual property inferred or included in other documents such as the soil test, energy rating and council information

Up to 3 sets of changes are able to be made to the plans, specifications and pricing after the Blueprint has been completed and presented without incurring administrative costs ($300 per set of changes).