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I feel like I have lived there forever…

I began looking at a Hensley Park home a few years ago. Last year I decided the time was right so had a look at the current floor plans and was instantly attracted to the Mitchell. Upon closer inspection it was exactly what I wanted; a large spacious living area that provided wonderful but different vistas from every window, with all modern conveniences, 4 bedrooms and a library/study.

The Mitchell with its many French doors (7 sets in mine) is perfect to provide views of the gum trees that surround it, including the 150 year old (plus) Gum that provides dappled shade in the afternoons, ideal to stroll around the veranda that spans over 90% of the house.

Another feature of the Mitchell is the large Library with its floor to ceiling windows and French doors providing further vistas to wonder at, whilst warm and cosy inside.

I have been in my house for only a couple of months, but I feel like I have lived there forever; put simply, I Love it! Love the Mitchell floor plan and love that I went for a Hensley Park home