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It is a great concept and an even better quality product…

It was quite daunting to build a house to begin with, regardless of who builds it.

The answer to my concern was the comfortable and passionate attitude Lester had towards both the company and the details. We found Lester a pleasure to deal with and if it had not been for his passion about the company, I would still be procrastinating. In all honesty, we were just looking at Hensley Park homes out of interest, after not being satisfied with the local display homes on offer. If he had not been so approachable and helpful, I would have opted not to build at all.

It is a great concept and an even better quality product. I cannot express how much I love my new house, and the effort the team has put in to making it my dream home. As you may be able to tell, I cannot thank Lester enough for all of his help in all aspects from planning to colour choices. Everyone who sees it is as impressed as I am with the quality and design.