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the science behind the design



The science behind the design of your home.


Your home; your private sanctuary.  It’s the place where you can kick back, relax, take time out to unwind with family and friends, and enjoy life off the grid for a while.  As far as the actual structure goes, you want a place that’s got enough bedrooms, a good living area, takes advantage of the views and…


Often, we don’t stop to think about the science behind our home plan because hey, we don’t need to! As long as it ticks the boxes and lives up to what we want or need, we’re happy! However, to the designer, your home is an intricate masterpiece; a beautiful and artful product of hours of thoughtful planning and method.


“Is home design really a science?” I hear you ask.  We believe it is!  Planning a home isn’t as easy as ABC – it’s not simply a case of jamming rooms together, making sure it fits inside the given footprint and looks good from the outside.  It requires expertise, skill, experience and above all, method.  From the roof structure to the placement of power points, every detail in your home has required forethought and careful consideration.


At Hensley Park Homes, every one of our designs has been put together with logic and reason.  As well as being aesthetically pleasing, they fulfill a set of criteria that are essential for practicality, functionality, and efficiency.  With the input of architects and designers, some of which have over 40 years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected these designs and now offer you the best of the best!


Each individual plan complies with the National Construction Code (NCC), the Australian Standards and the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). These building regulations influence details such as the number and position of windows, door sizes, which way doors open and the orientation of the home on site.


A certain methodology has also been used in the way the living, sleep and amenity zones have been arranged in each home plan.  Some are better suited to younger families (i.e. children’s bedrooms close to parents) while others are designed with teenage families in mind (i.e. parent’s retreat at one end of the home, children’s bedrooms at the other).  Each zone and room has been carefully planned to facilitate a natural flow: the position of beds with regard to robes, the position of power points, the position of windows and doors.  Even details such as bedroom robes being placed back to back have been done for a reason: it reduces noise between rooms!


When applying a specific home plan to your land, there are 3 key aspects we consider:


  1. The Orientation


This covers the orientation of the home on the block to make the best use nature’s gifts: solar radiation and breezes.  Points to consider are minimal living zones facing west, master bedroom receiving the morning sun, and the direction of the prevailing breeze.


  1. The Views


If your home is blessed with a great outlook, we believe you should make the most of it!  Are you a person that wants to enjoy the view from the kitchen window, the back veranda or the main living zone?


  1. Functionality


Your home needs to suit your lifestyle down to the ground.  That’s why we take even the simplest details into account to make sure it works for you: are you front door people? back door people? do you need a garage under the main roof, or would a carport be better? do you frequently entertain guests? the list of considerations goes on…


We recognize that each site is unique, and that the standard designs won’t be perfect for every situation.  The orientation, views and functionality of your home are our priority, and our plans are flexible enough to accommodate your site without jeopardizing the science behind the design.  Our designers can advise and assist to help you get the best of everything with your new home.


Although we have put a lot of thought and effort into each design, we can make no guarantee that you, as the customer, will be 100% happy with the home. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the design is what you want and that it will fulfill your needs.


As a company, our focus is helping you to create a house that’s really home.  And that’s why we love discussing our plans with our customers.  Please ask our sales team about the reasoning behind your plan – we’d love to share the science behind the designer’s hand!

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