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Hensley Park Home being protected by an Erricson water bomber

Victorian Bush-fires

The team at Hensley Park Homes actively supports the CFA. In a time of need, it takes everyone to pitch in and save the day.

Every summer, Australia is scarred by bush-fires. They ravage our mountain ranges, destroy property, homes and livestock, and shatter the lives of many of our people. The disaster and devastating loss of life is something we would wish to erase from our memories forever, yet it remains.

We take this opportunity to salute the brave men and women who fight in our firefighting forces nationwide. We appreciate and thank them for their courage, heroism and unselfish devotion to their work. HP-Home-being-protected-by-water-bomber-1

Hensley Park Homes was honored to be able to assist the local CFA team in the past summer of 2014-2015. Our factory is located directly opposite the Hamilton Airport, which served as a refilling station for the helicopter and water bomber planes working in our area. On many occasions we were able to help unload the retardant which was used by the crews fighting fires in the Grampians Ranges, only 30 mins away.

We are honored to receive recognition and appreciation from the CFA for our support.

“I would also like to recognise the important contribution of Kelvin Urquhart and his team from Hensley Park Homes who willingly and happily assisted us whenever we need their assistance, which is often early or late seven days a week.” – CFA Air Base Manager Leighton Wraith. CFA Letter to Hensley Park Homes

Images courtesy Wayne Rigg CFA

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