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Weathertex weatherboards

Why Weathertex® cladding is the choice of country home owners.

How does Weathertex® stack up?

If you’re thinking about your dream country home, chances are you’re imagining a gorgeous weatherboard house surrounded by a verandah and lovely gardens….

But if you’re practical, you’re probably also worried about the durability of those weatherboards.

So were we.

That’s why we investigated a whole range of options before we discovered what we believe is the best product for our customers’ homes – Weathertex® weatherboards.

An all-natural product, these boards are made from environmentally sustainable Australian hardwood combined with 3% natural wax. The result is timber cladding that’s durable, attractive and made to last.

When you’re looking at weatherboard products, there are three main things to consider – appearance, low maintenance and longevity. No matter which test you apply, Weathertex® weatherboards come out on top. And if you’re comparing them to traditional pine boards, Weathertex® wins hands down.

Traditional timber boards will often split, rot and crack and, to make matters worse, this breakdown of pine weatherboards can spread to your wall frames as well. In wet weather traditional boards will often swell and, over time, this changes the shape of the boards and their security. With Weathertex®, you won’t have these problems.

Because Weathertex® weatherboards are a manufactured board, they’re more stable than natural timber, longer-lasting and surprisingly inexpensive. Weathertex® weatherboards are eco-friendly (hey, it even has a negative carbon footprint!), contain no artificial binders or glues, and are termite-resistant.

Weathertex® produce lead-free, ready-primed weatherboards. So if you choose a premium brand of exterior acrylic paints and prepare properly, your paintwork can last for up to 15 years. And importantly, with Weathertex® you receive a long guarantee (up to 25 years – see this link: Weathertex® warranty) against splitting, cracking or rotting.

Another way of providing more protection for your weatherboards is to surround your home with a country-style verandah, giving you outside living space as well as protection from the elements.

If you’d like to know more about Weathertex® weatherboards, visit their website or give us a call here at Hensley Park Homes.

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