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Why Go Solar for Your Country Home?


Living in a country home means being close to nature and feeling the simple pleasures of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Country living means open spaces, warm community and fresh clean air. However, one of the greatest challenges of building a country home is finding a good source of power. Most country homes are built on farmlands and large new areas called rural residential. The solution: Off-Grid Solar Power.

Off-Grid Solar Panel System – How It Works

Off-grid solar panel installations are the popular choice for rural residential, farm and outback areas where it’s expensive to connect to the mains grid. In an off-grid installation, the solar system is installed completely separate and independent from mains power.

Here’s how an off-grid solar system works:

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) cells from the solar panel in the roof convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. An inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) to the electrical panel and switchboard.
  3. The electrical panel transmits power to your lights and appliances.

Energy is also stored for use in the battery. Once the energy level in the battery goes low, the backup generator (usually powered by diesel) kicks into power for the whole house.

Why Consider an Off Grid Solar Power System

Solar-powered homes are getting more common in Australia with approximately 1.5 million homes having a solar power system installed. According to a report from the Energy Supply Association of Australia, the country has the highest number of solar panel installations in the world.

Why is solar power getting more and more popular? And why should you consider it for your country home?

More cost-effective than mains power for country homes

As solar power technology advances, it has become a lot more affordable to have one installed in your home. Recently, one of our customers received a quote from a power company. They discovered that it costs $42,000 for their house to be connected to the mains power. On the other hand, a full off-grid solar power system installation only costs $32,000 – and that includes the backup generator. The $10,000 difference is already impressive, but imagine how much money they’re going to save each month by not having a power bill!

With the rising popularity of solar power in the country, solar panels are becoming more economical, efficient and better looking than ever. Not to mention that there are renewable energy rebates and incentives available in Australia to help reduce the initial installation investment you made for your home.

More environmentally sustainable

Living in the country is living a life that has minimal impact on the environment. And our pre-built homes stay true to this purpose. By opting to go for solar power, you are choosing to lessen your carbon footprint and help protect nature. A typical residential solar panel system eliminates three to four tons of carbon emission annually. It’s like planting more than 100 trees each year!

Increase property value

Multiple studies show that country homes equipped with solar panels sell quicker and have higher property values. More and more real estate appraisers are taking solar panel installations into consideration as they value homes. As more homeowners realize the value of going solar, the demand for homes with off-grid solar panel systems continue to grow.

Many country homeowners are discovering the value of an off-grid solar panel installation. While the technology for solar power is continually improving, it is without a doubt a recommended option for Country living. As you plan on building your Hensley Park Home, consider an off-grid solar panel installation.


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