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why use an interior designer



Wow, what a question! You’re well underway with arranging your new home and you’re at the hurdle of choosing colours and then your friend says to you, hey, why use an interior designer, why don’t you do it yourself instead? Good point, you think, if I want a job done properly then I’ll do it myself. But then, hang on, is it really a good thing to ‘do it yourself’?


You’ve got to admit that colours and finishes play quite a part on how your new home will look. Imagine if everything – absolutely everything inside and outside of your home – was a pale shade of green. Or pink. Or grey. It would be awful to say the least. You’d probably end up in a psychiatric hospital after about a week of living there! So colours and finishes are very important.


But you say, I know exactly what I want and exactly how I want it to look. Good, because that’s important. But unfortunately that doesn’t guarantee success. So let’s drill down into where success comes from in the area of interior design – which oddly enough does also include the exterior of the home.


To start with – a quick experience or two that will help to set the stage.


Many years ago, we saw a situation where the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted the inside of the home to look like. It was a bold vision of strong colours to define certain areas of the home and was based on something they’d seen before. But the interior designer couldn’t come to terms with the vision so the customer made their own decisions and … you guessed it; it was a disaster. The customer overlooked so many subtle factors that affected the overall appearance such as room sizes, lighting, colour reflectivity and harmony.


On the flip side, we once witnessed a scenario where the customer realised that the interior designer had a vision that was beyond them but they loved the sound of it, so decided to give it a go. In fact, the interior designers ideas even surprised the builders, but still, everything was carefully planned and the interior designers vision went through to reality, and this time, it was a rip-roaring success. Three cheers for the interior designer!


But why did these things happen?


There’s a fair-dinkum science to colour coordination. There truly is and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


Because there’s a fair-dinkum science to colour coordination. There truly is and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We’ve seen it time and again where an interior designer will look at something and say ‘that won’t work’ and then look at something else and say ‘that will work’ and you think to yourself, how do they know? But that’s an interior designers job – to know what does and doesn’t work. They’ve been trained in the art – or science – of colour matching, which doesn’t just include paint colours, but also finishes, and how it looks in a given space, and how lighting affects it, etc, etc.


But to go back to the comment that you know exactly what you want it to look like. That’s where an interior designer starts from. Just like an artist painting a picture – they start with a clear vision in mind. Your role is to explain or ‘sell’ that vision to the designer. And keep explaining it until the penny drops with the designer. After that point you’ll hardly be able to hold them back – they’ll be flat out making suggestions, pulling out samples, showing you pictures and coming up with colour combos to show you, which all align with your vision.


Remember, they’re a designer. They’re not just someone who likes colours but they’re trained to ‘design’ how the appearance will look and work. So you’re the visionary, but they’re the executor of the vision.


But, you say, I’ve had some experience and I’ve got a flair for it and I’ve even done some training and I’ve seen the exact same situation somewhere else and and and and … Unless you’re a really a fully fledged interior designer, we still don’t think it’s a good principle to do the interior design on your own home – a surgeon doesn’t operate on themselves, and we’ve just seen it too many times to support the idea that you should sort out the colours yourself.


So do yourself a real favour – have the discernment to see that a professional interior designer will get superior results for you. We know, it takes courage and trust to really let go and give them some rope, but it’s well worth the results. And part of the challenge is that it’s often months before you see the results come true. But it’s worth the wait. A beautiful home is something to be proud of for many many years.


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